Consolidated Progressive Voices

Creating movements at local, national and regional levels with independent groups and organizations that hold the same vision and are affiliated with AMAN Indonesia to defend human rights and women, strengthen tolerance and peace, as well as preventing violence based extremism

Consolidated Progressive Voices

The progressive Muslim movement is defined as an effort to gather progressive voices for human rights advocacy, respect for women, democracy, tolerance, and peace.


Consolidation is done by opening conversations with individuals, communities, and organizations that share a common vision to build a platform at the regional, national and regional levels.


The movement also encourages new initiatives of inter-faith diplomacy, dialogue, and cooperation to resolve conflicts or tensions between groups/beliefs that are different, through female and peacebuilding perspectives.


Strengthening engagement with UN entities and the global advocacy network for women, peace and security becomes a strategy to open a dialogue and synergize advocacy agendas at the national level to the global level or vice versa.


Girls Ambassadors for Peace

The Girl Ambassadors for Peace (GA4P) is a program conducted in collaboration with the Global Network on Women Peacebuilders (GNWP), that mobilizes women and adolescent girls who live in conflict-affected environments to become leaders and peacebuilders. The GA4P are aged 15 to 25 years old who have high school or college education – are trained intensively to on peacebuilding, preventing violent extremism, media and ICT, and international and national laws on women’s rights, gender equality and peacebuilding.


After attending training on the above topics, GA4P members share other women and girls on the same topics by theater, social media channel, economic program and other peacebuilding initiatives. The GA4P is an initiate which started in 2017 in Poso, Central Sulawesi and Lamongan, East Java.

Peace Leaders

The Peace Leader is a program to empower capacity of youth to promote and build inter and faith cooperation and tolerance in communities of high religious tension. The PL is multiplier young men and women aged 16 to 30 years old from diverse religious background who have leadership potential and influence over their peers – are trained on mediation, conflict transformation, media, and community engagement.


The PL will lead the exposure of opportunities for youth across religious dividing lines to have dialogue and cooperation with people of others faiths through Peace goes to School/campus, peace services in holy places, football for peace, peace talks on radio and others initiative.  The PL is an initiate which started in 2014 in West Java (Bogor, Bekasi and Bandung), East Java (Malang, Jember and Madura) and city of Yogyakarta.

Women, Peace and Security Networks

Engagegment with women's rights, interfaith groups, religious leaders and goverment in movement building for protection of women and people affected by violent conflict  and extremism is a must.


It is AMAN’s responsibility work to facilitate engagement solidarity people to people and among CSOs and also consolidation a network or alliance using Women, Peace and Security’ framework to gear up the movement advocating policy to women’s rights, freedom for religion and believe and P/CVE (preventing, handling, rehabilitation and reintegration) with gender sensitivity.


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