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Progressive Islamic


An Initiative to Reinterpret Understanding and Religious Practice to Strengthen the Islamic Narrative to Defend Women's Rights, and Individuals or Groups that Face Violence Based on Their Gender, Religion or Sexual Orientation

Progressive Islamic Interpretation

In an effort to combat oppression, discrimination and marginalization of women or minorities based on religious, beliefs and sexual orientations, as well as to glorification the inclusive and progressive Islam or washatiyah (middle ground) insights about Islam among the most conservative and fundamentalist Muslim communities, we need a reinterpretation on values, understanding and religious practice based on new framing and the “progressive” perspective in interpret of Quran and Hadits texts.


The reinterpretation of Quran and hadith with a new frame is ijtihad to strengthening the Islamic paradigm as well as revive the alignments and the nature of progress of Islam. The progressive perspective encompasses the defense and respect of women’s right, discontinuation of discrimination against minorities of individuals or group based on gender, religion and sexual orientation and disseminated through websites, social media, newsletters, books, videos and visual communication media under the management of AMAN Islamic Media Center.


In addition, the dissemination and internalization of progressive perspectives on Islam, gender, and minority rights are done through the institution of PAUD (Early Childhood Education Program), the education for Islamic Scholars with the network of KUPI (Women Ulama Network), and The Critical Education of Women’s School. 


Lots of Islamic websites in Indonesia which are da’wah or political orientation. Unfortunately, there are few or even almost not Islamic websites that talk about women with a fair gender perspective. In many Islamic websites it’s not uncommon to discuss issues of religion that gender biased, In many Islamic websites often discuss the religious issues that gender-biased, women are placed as second-class human beings. Many religious fatwas are not defended women, such as in marriage laws, polygamy, what women have to wear and so on. Therefore we need a website that has a progressive Islamic view and gender equality to provide a more female-friendly narrative on websites and social media. Then AMAN Indonesia is working with Fahmina to form a website called

Young Women Writers