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Honoring Silent Sheroes: Documenting Success Stories and Best Practices of Women-Led Peacebuilding

A group of Master students from the Asian Peacebuilders Scholarship (APS) Programme 2017/ 2018 documented the journey of the Women’s School for Peace’s initiative, led by the Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) in Indonesia, as a storybook. This storybook shares nine stories of women peacebuilding and its role in establishing resilience in local communities. The APS project team believes that this storybook can be used as an advocacy tool to spread the messages of local women-led peacebuilding efforts to the national, regional and international levels.

Training Peace Leaders untuk Perdamaian dan Keamanan

Selama 3 hari (7-8/12), 20 pemuda yang lolos seleksi dengan latar belakang berbeda telah mengikuti  pelatihan training Peace Leaders di Yogyakarta. Mereka mendapatkan materi tentang resolusi konfilk, membangun perdamaian, kepemimpinan pemuda dan strategi kampanye menggunakan media kreatif.

The Voyages of Tim Vetter Podcast: Episode 083 Nonviolence, Empowerment, and Peace with Ruby Kholifah

Podcaster Tim Vetter has been interviewing people all across Asia, and on his latest episode he meets with our country representative to sit down and talk about AMAN Indonesia, nonviolent empowerment and peace in Indonesia

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