Women-Led Community Resilience

Women-led community resilience is a pilot program to facilitate the strengthening of knowledge, institution and social mechanisms to protect from and prevent violence based extremism, gender, and religion, where women are the key players

Women Led Community Resilience

In order to achieve sustainable peace and to prevent radicalism, violence and conflict, we require a society's resilience through the role of women.

Resilience applies to a community’s self-sufficiency in terms of their knowledge, systems, institutions and structures to survive in the face of conflict and other social change. This can be measured over long period of time through social transformation interventions at individual, family, structural and cultural levels.

There are a few foundations that can measure endurance; strengthening of inclusive thinking, tolerant and gender-equal-attitudes toward religious leaders / people, the cooperation between various groups in society, and the availability of good systems and mechanisms for conflict resolution and violence


1. Women's School for Peace​

There are already several types of women schools in Indonesia. However not many have incorporated a peace perspective in their learning curriculum. AMAN Indonesia believes that the wealth of women's experience and intelligence in domestic space is the basic capital for women to be involved in the peace-building process.


Unfortunately, there is not much room for women to develop that capital in the community. Therefore, AMAN Indonesia seeks to facilitate a wider space for women to express and develop their perspectives and experiences through the Women's School for Peace.

Women School for Peace is an independent grassroots women community, initiated and organized by AMAN Indonesia and supported by Local Government and local stakeholders.


Since 2007 to 2018, there are 1,296 women have joined WPS in DKI Jakarta, West Java, East Java, Central Java, Yogyakarta, and Central Sulawesi.

Purpose of Women's School of Peace:

1. To educate and empower women at the grassroots level.

​2. Building a critical and social awareness in women and society

​3. Making women leaders in a peace building movement.

​4. Making women subjects and agents of development.


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